Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ziploc Omelets

Okay, before I get started...YES, I'm going to be cooking in plastic, which probably contains some sort of toxins which might cause someone to grow a third eyeball. But it's quick, it's cool, and it's not likely the third eye will show up anytime soon.

So, with that covered...we made the coolest Omelets this morning. It's something I'd read about a long time ago, and finally googled it to try it ourselves. It's a really cool, simple way to cook custom omelets for the masses, without spending the whole morning at the stove.

Start by bringing a large soup pot of water to a rolling boil. While that's heating, give each person a quart-size ziploc bag (we used generic "storage" bags which worked fine, but I read "freezer" bags are less likely to melt) with their name Sharpied on it. Break 1 or 2 eggs into each bag, seal, and squeeze or shake to scramble. Kids really hate this part. Open bags again and allow each person to add omelet fixin' cheese, onions, peppers, bacon crumbles, ham or sausage, tomatoes, spinach...whatever! Seal bags making sure egg mixture remains in bottom of bag, while all air is squeezed out. (I found it easy to do this over the edge of the counter top.) Drop all sealed bags into the boiling water and cook for exactly 13 minutes. It suggests no more than 6-8 bags for a pot of water, but we used my bigger canning pot, and all 12 bags fit just fine. After 13 minutes, remove bags from water, open (careful of steam) and drop eggs onto plate. They come out in a log-type shape...but they taste great, kids LOVED them, and we all ate at the same time!!!! How cool is that!?! We'll definitely be trying it again....with a little more cheese for me.

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Tania said...

Hey Jamie, we made these this summer while camping as well! They are so easy and good!!! We mixed ours up the night before to let the flavors soak in even more and were going to do them over the fire but we did not get the fire started early enough so we boiled them on the stove as well (the bonus of camping at your parents lake house where you have all the amenities of a house as well!!!!)