Sunday, September 27, 2009

More whispers from the pew

Childrens Choir is back in session for the school year, and Saturday evening was their first opportunity to sing at mass. It also happened to be homecoming weekend for our high school, so there was an unusually large number of teens dressed in their dancing finest attending mass prior to festivities. It gave Charlie a lot to talk about come Communion time. He commented on each of the young men...what color shirt or tie they were wearing, etc. I snuggled him in a little closer when he pointed to one handsome fella in all black with a flashy red tie. His comment made me melt, "When I'm big, I'll wear a red tie Mom, and you can go with me in your 'Snow White' dress." Awww. He wants me to be his date, and insists I wear my "big puffy" wedding dress (which he'd seen me try on not too long ago.)
It almost made me forget about the fact that he'd just tried crawling underneath the pew to sit with the boys behind us. Little turkey.

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