Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I can laugh about it now.

I could hear the boys (John, Charlie and Frank) hammering away in the basement...buzzing away with their saws, clanging their hammers against the metal support poles in the basement. It was all good, I thought. Tool time...Fisher Price style. They love "working" on stuff, and typically the basement is fair territory. The walls are just painted concrete, and most everything down there is "kid-friendly." Key word being most.
You can imagine my, umm, dismay (for lack of a better word to describe the way I nearly lost it in a fit of not-so-pretty yelling, arms flailing in the air, shock) when I found all three of them standing on top of the tv stand, hammering away at television from every angle. They were wearing safety goggles, I'll give them that much. In hindsight, the look on their faces was not the typical "busted...I know I was doing something wrong." Rather, they seemed completely uncertain of the nature of their offense.
I unplugged the tv about 6 months ago (best thing I ever did!) so the kids would spend time actually playing with their toys/using their imaginations rather than laying like zombies in front of the darn thing. Meanwhile it just sits there useless, collecting dust...except for the rare occassions I plug it in while I use the treadmill. Anyhow. I think the little buggers were actually trying to fix it! I can laugh about it now. Truth is, I wouldn't be terribly disappointed if the thing was permanently damaged...I didn't even bother to turn it on to find out. I'll have to work out the details of it with them tomorrow in a slightly more calm fashion, and go over again the rules of the "workshop."


blessed to be a Mom said...

Leave it to the boys! Look on the bright side, mine hit the entertainment center with his head! Wish it would've been the tools.

Beth said...

Oooooooohhhhhh! We've had those moments around here, but they are usually caused by my 3-year old daughter, not my son! I have a feeling he'd get in a lot more trouble if he had a brother to share ideas with! It's good to be able to laugh about it made me laugh, picturing them banging away and looking up at you with those safety goggles on! Pretty cute! Hope they didn't do too much's REALLY boring running on the treadmill without a tv to watch!