Thursday, September 3, 2009

early morning energy

Do your kids wake up singing and dancing? Wow, the kids had endless energy this morning and as the younger ones sat finishing breakfast with John and I, Alice and Emma serenaded us with some manner of cheering/singing/dancing to a made-up song. I don't even recall the words anymore...even though it was the same line repeated over and over. It was too funny. Each version was slightly sillier and more synchronized than the one before. They even asked for raisins to black out one tooth for their "redneck" version. Where do they come up with this?! Maybe the smell of tomatoes cooking all night did something to a strange drug or something.


Kathryn said...

what cuties, at least it is dancing instead of moody and cranky, right?? I think I'll have to stew tomatoes overnight and see if my kids get the urge to groove!

Barb said...

They're so cute! I surely do wish that I could borrow some of that energy. :)