Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the mystery footwear

Just couldn't help myself. With all the "hype" about the shoes, I thought I'd let the kids model them. It started as a little contest to see who could "work them" the best. The winner would be "featured" on mom's blog. They were too cute though, so here they are. All the contest winners sporting moms fun new shoes with matching clutch. (Did I mention they were favorite color?!)
Charlie...who added "work gloves" to "man" it up a bit. (also note, he's wearing socks which I'm told is a faux pas!)
John...too much man for the shoes, and definitely no purse!
Grace, accessorizing the enemble with a baton.
Emma....I wish the shoes made me look that skinny!! look FINE girlfriend!
Beautiful Mary. I think these shoes will look great with jeans, no?!
Rose has the hair all fluffed for an evening out. (Love the polka dots!)
Even Lucy thinks the purse it "to die for!"
Frankie! Nice toes! (and mittens!)
Sam..."Are you nuts Mom?! I'm not touchin' those 'girly' things!"
...and there they $3.99 peep toe shoes...with the $1.99 matching clutch. That's my bargain-basement clearance sale of the century.


Barb said...

Adorable!! I love it..

Anonymous said...

Thank I can quit wondering what these marvelous shoes look like. But now I'm wondering if they're my size...! Where on earth did you find such a bargain? Normally the $3.99 shoes are NOT so cute! And a matching purse??? Let me know if you're ever able to top that deal!

My 5 yr. old son just said (when he saw the picture of Lucy) that she looks like a little Mommy! I'm sure she'll be a great one someday with plenty of practice walking in her Momma's "shoes"!!!

P.S. Yes, they'd look GREAT with jeans, too!

Anonymous said...

Jamie, I love them!! Too cute!