Friday, February 27, 2009

Leading the Way

Today I introduced my 2nd grade class to the Way of the Cross. A few of them had prayed it before, or at least heard of it. Thanks to this site I found some nice printable coloring pages for each of the stations. The kids each colored one, and then we posted them in the classroom. I have a nice "Way of the Cross for Children" booklet that was given to me, and so we were able to pray the stations and reflect on each. I was pleasantly surprised at how most of these young ones reacted to the prayers. It was beautiful. The Holy Spirit was certainly working on them.
I used this idea at home with my own kids last year, and plan to do so again. I lined one wall in the kitchen with the coloring pages they completed, and talked with the kids about them. This year I hope to do the same, as well as incorporate the prayers and reflections. If you don't have a Stations for children to follow, I found a nice one here. I'm not sure most of my young ones are ready to sit quietly and reflect in church on Sunday afternoons. Getting them through Mass can be struggle enough at times, so to be able to introduce them at home is nice.

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Jenny said...

Thank you so much for the fabulous websites you shared for the Way of the Cross! I've been looking for ways to help my kids grow spiritually during Lent....these are great! I was just recently "introduced" to your blog. It is very inspiring to read. Thank you for sharing your journey as a mom!