Friday, February 6, 2009

diapers to your door

Because I'm wondering where this little treasure's been hiding for the last 9 years of my life, I'm going to share this with you moms (or grandmas) of little ones in diapers. They have nearly every brand under the sun, as well as wipes, etc. I found they have larger cases than what Walmart carries (which is great when you have 3 in the same size diapers). It's free shipping on orders over $49, and they have a coupon for $10 off your first order of $49. I did the math and it's just a couple pennies more per diaper than Walmart prices, but for the convenience (now that I'll likely have fewer trips there) it seems worth it. I'm going to be giving this a try. Thank you Karla, for sharing this with me!!


Anonymous said...


We have been using this for Tristyn as they carry Pampers Size 7 which no one around here does! (nor did I know that such a size even existed until I did some research) I love this for all the same reasons you do, point - click - deliver free of charge!!! We always just ordered three cases at a time so we were well stocked! Too bad they do not carry larger diapers for those kids with disabilities once they get out of name brands! Sorry I did not share this with you sooner as well!

Anonymous said...

I always purchase 3-5 cases at a time from Sam's club and it lasts me 5-6 wks.. maybe have a few real cloth diapers on hand for those days you run close.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that site. They ship within just a couple days, too. I love the extra large boxes you can get for wipes and diapers. It's great!!!!