Thursday, February 26, 2009

hungry for a fast?

My simple mind had never thought of "fasting" as being from anything other than food. That is until I read the previously posted Lenten Prayer

So this morning, as I read my daily relflections and prayers, I've decided to focus on a "fast" each day, not always from food, but from something that's keeping me from Christ. Today I've chosen to "fast from unkind words." Not just the words themselves, but the tone in which they're delivered. I find myself being short-tempered with the kids more often than I'd like and my mood last evening (I'm blaming it on hunger) awakened me to that. These are the people I love most in the world. Let me only speak with a loving heart today (and always).

Continued prayers for not just a penitential, but transformative Lenten journey.

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j,j,andhsmom said...

You are such an inspiration! I, too, am working on having more patience with my children. I'm trying to "teach" them when they are wrong, and not just yell at them in frustration. And our family is also working hard on focusing on the meaning of Lent and growing closer to Christ during this time. Thank you for sharing your helps to get us through ours by knowing we are not alone!