Tuesday, February 17, 2009

germ warfare

Well, it seems as though the little ones are on the mend. They don't have much of an appetite yet, but they're at least keeping things down. (Thank you Lord!) We actually had a pretty pleasant day. (Oh, except for John who also has been hit...but he thank goodness can manage himself, and said he was feeling better as he left for work this afternoon.) I don't think we're out of the woods yet though, cause Grace has been pretty quiet this evening, and mentioned a belly ache a couple times. I sent her to bed with a bucket just in case. (Recycled ice cream pails seem to be our "vomit catcher" of choice.)
We're in full "viral mode" here at our house. I find myself disinfecting the bathroom countertop, sink, toilet, doorknobs etc everytime I enter. How did anyone ever get by before "Lysol disinfecting wipes?" We've temporarily done away with the communal drinking cup at the kitchen sink, replaced now with a row of disposable cups penned with each childs name. Handwashing is strictly enforced. I've been replacing the hand towel in the bathroom with a clean one several times a day. I even pulled a sippy cup out of Frank's mouth today because it "wasn't his." He looked at me in disbelief. Since when don't we share everything?! (Since mom's on a mission to get rid of the germs.)
It seems crazy, but I really don't want to see this make it's way through the entire ranks as it usually does, so I'm going a bit overboard, and hoping for the best. I'm having flashbacks of last winter when I was journaling fevers, tylenol/motrin dosing and other health information on at least 7 at one time. All that "keeping track" (not to mention sleepless nights and clean-up duties) can have your head spinning.
What, if anything, do you do at your house to keep the viral spread to a minimum?
I'd love to hear your tricks...


Barb said...

The only other thing I do is crack open bedroom windows for a little while in the hopes of replacing the germ-laden air with fresh air.
I hate stomach viruses! I always thought they were always the worst. My kids are older so now it's easier for the most part, but occasionally John will still not make it to the bathroom...yuck!
We have had times when only one person has gotten the bug...I'm hoping that you are all finished this time...

Anonymous said...

I guess that you can say that we don't do much--hence my daughter who's sick enjoys coughing on everyone--what can a person do?

When they were younger I did Lysol a lot but now since they are older they know not to share drinks...and wash, wash, wash their hands!!

Good luck not getting this yucky virus yourself!

Anonymous said...

Spray the house down with Lysol disinfecting spray, put toothbrushes in a cup of peroxide for a couple of hours. Hope it helps!!

Anonymous said...

Read the Great Brain Series...A Catholic mother of boys in Mormon Utah at the turn of the century had some serious wisdom in regards to illness. "They will all get it, so why put it off and drag it out." She had them sharing drinks and sleeping in the same bed to swap the germs! Granted, she had "only" four sons with a descent spread of probably 5 years, so not sure she'd be doing that with your crew! As for me...I'm not that brave. My rule is that the no-barfing children yell to me that there is an offender in the bathroom. I RUN!!! And I wipe their mouths/noses, and I flush the toilet, and I turn on and off the water as they wash up, and then I use clorox wipes on the toilet handle, lid, seat, faucet, sink, light switch. And then we do it again. Seriously though, I have managed to avoid getting it, and usually keep it to one or two kids total per attack on the family. Good luck! Oh, and I look forward to meeting you someday. I briefly met your husband at my Grandmother-in-law's viewing (Clara Schmiesing). You have a beautiful family, and I appreciate your wisdom and humor. Thanks for letting us peak into your life!
Chrissy Schmiesing
Ft. Loramie