Thursday, February 19, 2009

at last count...

11 of us have been hit. (Alice's guardian angel is working overtime, or something.) But (knocking on wood) we're feeling better fast. So hopefully we'll be done with this in another day or two.
I'm beginning to love the smell of Lysol. When I can't smell it anymore, it's time to clean and spray again. I used the peroxide advice to clean toothbrushes...they look sparkly fresh. Our washer/dryer are working overtime as I am now washing sheets again from the healthy ones just to be sure there's no more virus lurking in beds. It's never-ending, but so grateful that it's minor, and that it will pass.
My goal for tonight is to get the kitchen cleaned & sparkling & disinfected top to bottom, and scrub walls, handrails, and other neglected area as I've been concentrating mainly on bathrooms and bedrooms.

Too bad it's not spring yet, I could be hanging all this clean laundry on the lines to air dry.

...(clothesline fresh sheets and towels) One more thing to look forward to for spring.

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