Friday, October 31, 2008

got candy?

It was trick-or-treat here in town last evening. Can you say "chocolate?!" Oh my. I'm estimating that we had 150 beggars here based on the number of treats we gave away. Unfortunately, the kids brought home 9 times that much. (Lucy stayed here with me, while John took 7, and the 2 oldest were out with friends.) I had to pull suckers out of the mouths of babes last night, literally, as they were climbing into bed.
Needless to say, an emergency sort and stash was necessary while they were sleeping in order to prevent them (me) from binging all day today. I filled 2 gallon size bags of chocolate bars for the freezer, and 1 quart size bag of tiny goodies that will look cute on our Christmas gingerbread house. I stashed one quart jar of bubble gum in the cupboard for all the times the kids beg for a piece. There's a small pumpkin of "chewy" candies that the littler kids can pick from today, and I still have at least 5# more chocolate on top of the fridge for when someone thinks to ask. I'm praying it's still there at Easter, at which time we can toss it. (Please, let me forget. Please let me forget!) I filled the snack cupboard with bags of chips and crackers, oh did I mention about 5# of suckers, tootsie rolls, jawbreakers and other candy that Emma wants to cash in at the dentist next week. (Our local dentist buys back candy for $1/lb. and then sends it to our soldiers in Iraq) Emma's all about the cash and could care less about the sweets. (Reminds me of her Godfather.) Anyhow, I'm thinking I'll just set this little pumpkin of sweets on the coffee table and let the kids have at it this morning for all the times I've pulled someone off the cupboard by now. As for me, I'm hanging in there. It's 9:07 and I've yet to have my first Reese's cup for the day. (Praying for self discipline!)

Have a blessed day all!


Barb said...

Why did they have it last night?

I'm feeling a bit sad today because I have no little ones to go trick-or-treating this year...nobody to bring candy home to me...hehe...
I do miss having excited children counting the days until Halloween. I look forward to the days of grandchildren.
Hope you have a blessed day!

jamie said...

why last night?...our community always has beggars night the Thursday evening before Halloween.

As for the candy...I'll gladly ship you some!!!

wife, mother and so much more! said...

I had to laugh when you mentioned not having your Reese's cup this morning--I'm use to you wanting (needing) your coffee! :)
~MMMM Reese's and coffee, sounds good together!