Tuesday, October 7, 2008

laundry laughs

...first off this morning, I hear Sam holler up to his sisters "Emma, you got any socks I can borrow? I'm all out. I don't care if they have the yellow stripes on the bottom!" Emma hollers back, "Sorry, think I'm all out too." Just as I was ready to let them know the socks are clean in a basket in my room, I hear Alice chime in "I got some extras you can both borrow!"
God love them for not being just too picky about little things like these. (and "Curses!" for the end of my summer sock hiatus. With everyone out of flip-flops and into tennies again, laundry is increasing!)

Later in the day, Sam was doing his chore for the day which happened to be "sort laundry from the chute." In the middle of this he hollers up from the laundry room "Mom come check this out!!" I went down there, hesitantly, and find him holding a pair of jeans up on the end of a broomstick attempting to place it carefully onto the hugely overfilled hamper of dark clothes. (Okay, I'm still not caught up from the fest weekend...but tonight's laundry marathon.) He was getting such a thrill "fishing" the clothes up onto the mound without knocking them over. Cheap laundry entertainment, at least for someone.

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wife, mother and so much more! said...

You got me rolling on this one!! It sounds like somthing my kids would do while sorting laundry--God forbid they touch any of the dirty clothes!!

I had to think of you when it took me 2 days to do laundry on Monday from the weekend. Those jeans and sweatshirts are what kills me.