Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lucy's lullaby

Little Lucy woke early from her nap today. Often times a pacifier and snuggly blanket will hush her right back to dreamland, but today that wasn't the case. She looked really tired yet, but wanted some mom-time, so I scooped her out of her crib and together we snuggled in the rocking chair. She hummed along as I sang her the words to a lullaby I'd learned years ago when I competed in a Solo and Ensemble contest back in high school. (Funny that I can remember still.) I have never been a good singer, but I can dream. Anyways, as I gazed into her sleepy eyes and sang lovingly to her, I remembered quite clearly the contest for which I first learned the song. The judge told me afterwards that while the notes were right, it just "wasn't believable." He told me I wasn't really singing it as a lullaby. Huh?! I'm sure I shrugged my "whatever" shrug, and left the room with my 2 rating, and whatever was left of my pride. I really didn't get what he meant till just now...20 years later. (sometimes it takes me awhile) I didn't understand how to sing a lullaby then, any more than I could tell you what it's like to walk on the moon. But now, as I hold this child with complete and unconditional love, and sing so that she feels the love outpoured, love that gives peace and rest, I understand what it means to sing a real lullaby...and to love and trust completely.

Sleep now little baby.
Close your sleepy eyes.
Sandman's waiting for you,
with a big surprise.
He'll take you to dreamland,
flying through the night,
to find hidden in slumber
visions of delight...
Ice Cream mountains, and soda fountains,
and candy orchards you'll see.
Chocolate makers and apple pie bakers
are waiting there, for thee.
Sleep now little baby, let there be no more cries.
You'll find your mother and father, when you open your eyes.

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