Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday afternoon dance party.

I just love days when we don't see the tv. Today was one of those days (for the most part.) It started off in our usual fashion, kids waking quietly and watching a little cartoons until everyone else is up. Then breakfast of oatmeal & toast, and cold cereal for those who prefer it. After that it was off to the bedrooms for dressing, bedmaking and straightening up. Emma had another soccer game today, so we did a quick clean-up of the basement, vaccumed and dusted the living room, swept and wiped down kitchen, and just skimmed over the bathrooms quickly. Grandma offered to take Emma to her game, so the rest of us stayed home and played; boys outside in the swingset fort with rubberband guns in tow, girls in the house coloring.
Emma returned in time for lunch, and from there the day just got more fun. While I cleaned up the kitchen, the boys returned outside for more gun-slingin', and the girls moved the living room furniture around for a "dance party." Music was blaring, and the girls were having a ball. Even Lucy enjoyed the attention she got from her older sisters who swayed with her and dipped her. She just squeeled with delight. When the dancing faded, the girls started in on halloween coloring and crafting. Some budding artists, I must say. Before long, while the little ones settled in for afternoon naps, the older ones had talked me into bringing up the halloween costume trunk from the basement. They were dressing up in every imaginable ensemble trying to choose what they'd be this year. I've made all of their costumes over the years, and so it's nice now...the young ones choose what we already have, and I don't have to do much sewing anymore. I think everyone found something they liked...a clown, a cheerleader, a fireman, a vampire, a mummy and an indian to name a few.
Despite a few episodes of drama (mostly over minor things like spilled milk, falling Hannah Montana posters, and kids trying get by without shoes or jackets in the much cooler temps) it was truly another blessed day!

An old Martina McBride song popped in my head just now..."I have been blessed. And I feel like I've found my way. I thank God for all I've been given, at the end of every day...I have been blessed!" I'm gonna have to give that song a listen again...remember the rest of the words.

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