Wednesday, October 15, 2008

on bread machines and shaving cream

Just a few random thoughts here today...
First of all, how many of us received bread machines for Christmas, or weddings, anniversaries maybe. You know, like 10 years ago when bread machines were all the rage. I know I did, at least 10 years ago, pre-kids. Anyhow, I just dug mine out of the closet a few weeks back. It was a good find, cause I thought it went on the garage sale years ago. Nonetheless, we got it out, and fired that baby up. Low and behold, it still works, and it's soooooo simple!!! Homemade bread for supper without any effort! I've been making a loaf daily here lately, and the kids (and hubs) are loving it!!! Mine came with a recipe book for any variety under the sun, so I can make a flavor to match any meal. Although the smell of plain old white bread baking still has to be the best. The kids have named the machine "Herbie" and this morning were pleasantly surprised that Herbie baked us fresh bread for breakfast while the rest of us slept. How cool is that!? If you still have one buried in the basement or attic somewhere...I'm suggesting you dig that puppy out!

Now to shaving cream. As I finished fixing all the girls' hair in the bathroom this morning, Frank stood at my ankles begging for some "fixin" time himself. He has a butch haircut, so there's not much primping I can do with him. So instead, I filled the sink with water (just like Dad) and put a little shaving cream on his face (just like Dad) and proceeded to give him a "shave" with a plastic spoon. It took all of 3 minutes from start to finish, but the ear-to-ear grin was priceless when we were done. He just loved being a big boy, "just like dad." Easy fun for the little men in your lives.

Have a good day everyone!


wife, mother and so much more! said...

I'm imagining the smell of fresh baked bread and you know what, it smells pretty dang good!!

I have to admit, I've NEVER made fresh bread but I did just purchase frozen bread dough--I figure, that's close enough! ;)

jamie said...

Confession: I've never made real bread from scratch either...with the exception of "quick" breads...which don't require the yeast. I may never need to learn how though with Herbie by my side to do the work for mixes the ingredients into dough, lets it rise, and bakes it...even has the delay timer, so you can throw the ingredients in at night, and wake up to fresh bread in the morning. Voila! Just call me Jamie Crocker!