Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Trick or Treat!

Don't be alarmed if this strange brew shows up on your doorsteps...'tis the season for tricks and treats. Tonight we attended our Knights of Columbus annual Halloween costume contest. I'm excited (and a little embarassed) to report that the Schmiesings nearly swept the contest with a win in 4 of the 5 age groups. CIA Special Agent (Sam), Mummy (Grace), Vampire (John), and Clown (Lucy) all took home cash prizes.
I had to laugh as we drove home, everyone thrilled with an evening of silly fun with friends, and cookies & juice to boot. Emma started "talking trash" about her loss for the evening. It went something like this (and in good humor):
Emma: "Man, what a rip-off! I should have won with my 100% recycled costume!"
Mom: "Maybe you just didn't work it Emma. Take little Lucy. All 10 of you kids have worn that outfit (we have two that I made when Alice and Emma were babies) and Lucy is the first one to bring home a prize with it. First one out of 10!"
Dad: "Yeah Emma, Lucy know's how to work it with the judges."
Sam: "Way to go Lucy...work it!"
Lucy: (gumming on her clown hat, oblivious): "bla, bla, bla, bla"
Emma continued (laughing now) to trash talk the whole evening, and everyone laughingly gave it right back. Face it Emma, you were outplayed by a 10 month old.
Back at home, everyone exited the van, high-fiving Lucy for her big win, and tickled with a fun night out. Two more days till trick-or-treat! Wooo hooooo! Bring on the chocolate.

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