Saturday, October 11, 2008

good fun!

Tonight we checked out the Bradford Pumkin Show. None of us had been there before, but we'd heard its a fun little community picnic with a midway of rides, a few crafts, and entertainment. Oh, and did I mention confetti?! They sell confetti by the lunch-sack full for people to throw at will. And by golly, everyone does it. If you don't like confetti in your underwear, you shouldn't go. We spent 6 dollars on 4 bags, stayed for an hour, danced to the local bands and had a ball!!!! There were 20 or more carnival rides, but our kids didn't even notice as we walked down the main street of town tossing confetti on everyone and everything we saw. Can you say awesome! What kid wouldn't love this. It was almost like walking through a winter wonderland, with the confetti blanketing everything like snow. I'm certain several of the kids ate it, because they were laughing with mouths wide open as other kids (and adults) would walk by tossing it about. This could be the first festival we've gone to where kids weren't begging for ride tickets. When our confetti was gone, we stood in front of the stage dancing to tunes like "Sweet Home Alabama" and other classics. Needless to say a good time was had by all. (And Saturday:Cleaning Day cannot be skipped this week...there's confetti everywhere I turn, and I've already vaccumed once!)

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Anonymous said...

The old Bradford Pumpkin teenagers we would go every year without fail. Confetti, confetti everywhere!! I'm not sure who thought of such a thing, but what fun. Thanks for sharing and bringing back the memories!