Monday, October 13, 2008

happy monday morning to all

(Sigh) what a nice weekend we had. Saturday was cleaning day as usual, and it was another one of those days where the kids went above and beyond. Finishing their jobs, and doing more than I asked. I love that! It allowed me to get a little more done than usual too. Stop by and see my countertops! (before they're gone again) Emma had another soccer game too, and boy was it fun to watch! Her whole team has improved immensely since the first game, Emma included. She's always been an aggressive player, and to see her compete against the 4th grade boys and do so well is really cool. She's definitely my tom-boy, and competitive no doubt. She did manage to score one goal and had a couple really great assists and her team came out on top 5-1. Sunday, John had to work as usual, so the kids and I made a trip to New Albany for my godson's 4th birthday party. What a wonderfully exausting day that was! The kids just love playing with their cousins, and I of course love chatting with adults any day of the week. If anyone went hungry, it was their own fault. My sister-in-law had a beautiful spread of munchies and sweets to appeal to any taste. Yumm! It was sad to leave, but we hadn't seen Dad all day, and of course it was a school night, so we left around 7, and made it home in time for showers, a quick visit with dad, and bedtime. I'm embarrased to say that in all my 35 years, this was only the 3rd time I'd driven to Columbus, so it was a great accomplishment for me to get to their house and back without any trouble. Watch out Martha, we may be coming your way more often! Ha! The first words out of Charlie's mouth, before his eyes were even open was "Can we go back to Tom's house again?" Good times.
Anyway, it was hard for all of us to get out of bed this morning. The big kids are off to school. Being that it's monday, and the start of John's "weekend" we're moving slowly. Not rushing to get out of our jammies, and enjoying the coffee. I'm hoping to get out our halloween decorations today, and have the front porch "spook-ified" before the kids get home from school. We'll see what the day brings.
Peace and God Bless!

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