Saturday, October 25, 2008

My to-do list for the day...

Rather than tell you what I actually accomplish, I'll let you wonder in amazement and believe that I might actually pull it off.

basement cleaned, vacuumed and dusted
carve pumpkins (for the ProLife Pumpkin memorial)
bake cookies
sort 600 pictures (just printed a years worth from snapfish)
shovel out the girls' rooms and rearrange their furniture (per their request)
snuggle with Lucy again (it's addictive)
pot roast for supper
family rosary (yesterday's attempt was inspiring)
scrub kitchen floor (WAY over-due!)
clean bathrooms
vaccum dust family room
finish a cup of coffee before it's cold (never happens!)

that's in addition to changing diapers, cooking, playing with the kids, kissing ouchies, etc. Should be a good one.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie,

A while back you blogged about adoration and taking our kids. Thought you should know you have inspired me to take mine weekly. It's usually a short visit. But every single visit is worth it! I can litterally feel God's grace permeating our home environment. I highly recommend it for everyone. Who would have thought that hauling three kids(3 1/2, 2 and 4 mo) was even possible. Guess God did!

You're an inspiration. Thank you for sharing the joys of motherhood!


jamie said...

Thanks Barbra,
Your message gave me goosebumps and tears. I feel so humbled to think that God is working through me to leave a spark in others. I've not been good at all about going routinely, but now your message will inspire me! Thank you, thank you! and God Bless!

Barb said...

I hope you were able to make a good dent in your list.
We were up in your part of the state today. Beth had a game in Defiance, and when we passed the exit on 75 that has your town's name on it, I got all excited and said "That's where Jamie lives!" You can't believe how much I wanted to take a detour and see your town, but we were already running late for her game.
Hope you have a blessed Sunday!

Anonymous said...

I, too, hope that you got to scratch out lots of chores on your list!!

We'll be seeing you guys at the RTL Pumpkin Memorial.

BTW--The other night I thought that there was a parade in town but as I looked closer it was your family taking an evening walk!!

jamie said...

Barb- I read your post that you'd be coming this way...I should have told you to stop by! Hope Beth had a good game. Today was Emma's last (YMCA) soccer game for the season...till next year.

Wife, Mother, etc- Looking forward to the pumpkin memorial, just read in the paper that the folk group will be singing this year!
As for the parade...we were the clown unit coming through!