Saturday, October 25, 2008

okay I was being optimistic!

I didn't make it through the entire list, and a few things were altered slightly, but we kept busy today! (and happy to report it was another t.v.-free day.)

Basement cleaned (check)
Family rosary (check)
12 pumpkins carved (check) oops one fell and busted
so, instead of cookies it was pumpkin bread...4 loaves (check)
pictures sorted (check)...For now, each of the kids has a photo box. No albums yet
kitchen floor scrubbed (check) ...see above note about busted pumpkin!
pot roast for supper (check) ...and oh, so yummy
Lucy snuggle (check) and Rose, and Charlie too!
laundry (check)

I do have to mention that I'm trying something new with laundry. We'll see how it goes. But, I'd heard a few folks mention that they don't sort laundry anymore, they just wash everything for the day in one load. This means one load per day. Hmmm. After doing a laundry marathon earlier in the week just to catch up, I'm ready to give it a try. For 2 nights now, I empty the laundry chute right into the washer (with the exception of socks and underwear, cause that just grosses me out and needs to be washed seperately.) So, I do one load of laundry each night, and in the morning I fold it and put it away. I did run a second load yesterday of socks, underwear and washrags, and today a second load of delicates. But wow! So far, so good. I'll keep you posted. The rest of the list, well that will be waiting for me tomorrow. Or, Monday.

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear how it goes. In the bottom of my closet we have about 6 laundry baskets and the kids have to put their clothes in the proper color. Now we have a nice loads of lights....oops I mean pinks because of an errant red sock. I've heard of people saying that if I just wash everything in cold, it's fine. I must have too many messy dirty kids for that.