Monday, October 20, 2008

where to begin?!

It's been such a beautiful past couple days, it's hard to know where to begin. I'll start with Sunday mass, which, with Charlie is always a treat. (hint of sarcasm). Early in the mass, while checking out everything but what's going on up front, Charlie notices the stations of the cross. More specifically he mentions "Look mom, that guy has a hammer!" I whisper to him a little about what's going on in that mosaic...that Jesus is being nailed to the cross, etc." We both agreed "he wasn't a nice worker." Later in mass, when Charlie attempted a left hook in my direction (upset with me for taking away his offering envelope...punishment for his being disruptive.) I reminded him that his angry actions were just like the "bad worker" and when we allow our anger to get the best of us, we're helping to nail Jesus to the cross. His expression changed abit as he glanced again to the mosaic...and apologized. I gave him his envelope back, and he sat still with me, if only for a brief moment. He had to question the woman sitting to his right about the contents of her "pretty little purse." She smiled, but was not amused.

Sunday evening, in light of the beautiful fall weather, we had one last campfire in the back yard. I made hot chocolate with marshmallows for all the kids, including a stray neighbor or two. We toasted marshmallows, and even made popcorn. It was a wonderful treat, and the kids loved staying outdoors past dark on a school night. It's as if they too realized that our outdoor days are numbered before winter sets in. My mom and dad had stopped by, and joined us for a bit. My dad, while playing kickball with the kids, got a ball stuck in the top of the tree. The ensuing attempts to retrieve it were quite entertaining to say the least. Parents and grandparents were tossing baseballs and anything else into the tip-top of the tree, while kids wearing bike helmets stood underneath retrieving fly balls. I had to stop more than once just to laugh out loud. How silly are we...and easily amused!

Anyway, it was a wonderful end to a beautiful fall weekend, and I'm grateful as always for God's abundant blessings.

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