Tuesday, February 9, 2010

This is the boy that's gonna break my heart...

The same one who hollared through the house to me today "I love you mom!" and not knowing for certain where he was, I hollared back "I love you more Charlie!" I found him in the bathroom...and we smiled at each other as he said "I love you a cross like Jesus." I had to ask him to repeat, cause I wasn't sure what he'd said at first...what kid (let alone a 4 year old) says stuff like that?!

I'm not sure how he came up with those words, but the fact that he associated the image of Jesus on the cross with real love was just ...well, I don't know...heart melting, encouraging, tear-inducing, inspiring. I mean wow! I love this kid. Thank you Jesus for him, and each and every one of them!! God is good!