Monday, February 15, 2010

Over the river, and through the woods... Grammie's house we went!
Always up for an adventure (and change of scenery) the kids and I packed up our sleeping bags and pj's and headed a few blocks across town to Grandma's house this past weekend for an overnight campout. Woooohoooo!
It doesn't take much to impress this bunch let me tell swimming pool, no room service, not even a phone by the bed that rings with a sweet wake up call. Nope. Just a pile of sleeping bags, spread out wherever someone could find a bit of couch or floor space, a good movie, homemade chex mix and Twizzlers. Thank you grandma for getting us (me) out of the same four walls, and out of our snow-days rut. We love you!

The men (my dad, my dear husband, and my younger brother) had an adventure of their own as they headed down south to help my older brother move. He and his family are moving north (closer to home) from Jacksonville to Knoxville, where the guys met them to help unload the moving truck.


Amy said...

That answers my question...I'm not usually one to worry too much or get too concerned what happens at the neighbors, but I looked outside at 11:00 or so Friday night and saw your van at your parents. I told Randy as we went to be, "I hope everything is alright, the red van is still in the driveway". The next morning it was still there, Randy even commented about that! Of course a normal crazy day filled with committments and a full weekend and I really forgot about it until this post. Too funny...sounds like you you a wonderful "vacation"! By the way, I ready for them to get back to school too!

jamie said...

Thanks Amy...I actually love that about living in a small town. I find myself noting things "out of the usual" in our neighborhood too, and even calling to check in on neighbors to see if everything's okay. How bad/nosey is that?! It's nice to know if something ever is really wrong, we've got each others' backs!

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