Thursday, February 25, 2010

A new "Way" to pray

For the last couple years, we've included some form of the Way of the Cross in our Lenten prayers and devotions. The first year it was with coloring pages. The older kids helped to color them, and then they were taped on the kitchen wall, and we'd tell the story of Jesus' passion and death as we sat around the table together. Last year we tried a small accordion-fold booklet that a friend found for us online. Each of the kids colored their own, and we'd pray it together. This year, thanks to that same friend who's always finding clever things online, we made this beautiful votive holder to set on our mantle, and reflect on the 14 stations in a more meaningful way. We followed the instructions exactly, except that instead of just gluing the votives to the wood, my dad drilled holes into the board so that the votives are inset slightly, and can be removed for storage, wax removal, etc.
Our current plan is to light and pray them every Friday night together, and hopefully on Sundays as well. Last Friday,after lighting all 14 candles, the kids took turns reading the prayers/reflections from a "Way of the Cross for kids" booklet I recieved last year. After each station, we'd blow out that candle and at the end we were left in a darkened room to reflect quietly (sort-of). The 2 and 3 year olds were at times distracting (to say the least), but I think this week, we may just give them books to look at, or even save this prayer for just after their bedtimes, to allow the older kids to appreciate it even more.


Lisa said...

I have to say this is one of my favorites yet. I have always loved the Stations of the Cross. I love the simple look of it and how the room gets darker after each station. Of course, the kids love taking turns blowing out candles.

Ruth said...

Beautiful!!!!! :-)

Michele said...

I have been reading your blog for a long time now and really enjoy it. I am a new Catholic (aug.09) and while I've been teaching at my boys' Catholic school for 5 years now, this is my first year to teach Religion. I love all the ideas you have on your blog, to try to make faith more meaningful for children. I plan on using this idea - I think it's fantastic!

Thank you for the example you set for all who read here! Keep up the good work. :)