Monday, February 8, 2010

ready, set, snow!

It's a bit of a dance really, like a finely coreographed stage number perhaps, or maybe more like a mosh pit, trying to get everyone dressed and ready to play in the snow. Even Lucy wants to follow the older 9 outdoors for a a little snow fun. Of course it never fails by the time the last one is out the door, the first ones are nearly ready to come back in, begging for some hot chocolate, or at the very least, dry mittens. Uggh. Not a moment's rest...

Lucy's hat and snow pants...(check)

mittens (check)

Coat zipped (check)

Boots readjusted (check)

Wooohooooo! It's snow time!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

And where to put all the wet clothes when they come in??? We just pulled an extra pair of gloves out of coat pockets this morning...still in there from Sunday and still wet. Ugh!