Wednesday, February 24, 2010

8 down, 32 to go

We're attempting the 40 bags in 40 days for Lent this year. I'd like to be disciplined enough to make my way through the house tossing/donating 1 bag each day...but in fact I tend to toss "when the feeling's right." This evening the kids and I took on the toyroom, and managed to part with 6 boxes of toys and games to donate, and another two bags for trash. What a wonderful thing to watch as the kids took time to sort, toss, and neatly package like items for donation. Even the methods they used to decide what to keep and what to share was inspiring. Grace had decided to part with a baby doll that she loved (though has since accumulated several others) and carefully dressed it, and packaged it up with all the accessories, commenting that some other little girl would surely love it just as much as she did. Too sweet. The boys dumped out their large bin of matchbox cars, and sorted by colors, and models taking turns to choose a few of their favorites and then passing along the rest. It was such great teamwork...except for little Lucy who seemed a bit startled to see things boxed up and taken away, screaming just a couple times, and forcing us to pull an item or two back out for her to keep. Cute.

The girls and I have earmarked the weekend for going through closets and sorting/organizing clothing. With bins of hand-me-downs stashed in all corners of the house, we're sure to come up with even more items to share (and plenty to toss as well.)

anyone else trying something new this lent?


Only One said...

Yes, we are not only attending our church on Sunday, but also trying to add another church, retreat, shrine,something special as a family. I decided adding something this year instead of giving up something, might encourage each of us to participate with an open heart. So far has been exceptional.

blessed to be a Mom said...

I am afraid this would be a difficult task at our house. I am notorious for getting rid of things. I do not like clutter and storage in our house is minimal, so it is not unlike me to do the sorting and cleaning out around Christmas when trying to put all the new stuff somewhere. Plus our house is small.

Beth said...

Ooooh...I LOVE this idea, Jamie! I've been forwarning the kids of my massive spring-cleaning plan, but this would give a greater purpose to parting with some things they think they "need" even though they haven't played with/worn them in forever! I think we'll be doing this soon and reclaiming our basment space for family instead of stuff! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Could you tell to whom you donate your toys?

jamie said...

Kathy~ I love that idea of adding new things rather than just giving up. Sometimes we need that inspiration too.
Tiffany~ We actually don't save a lot either (in comparison to some, I guess)...there's definitely no room, but but it's the sheer numbers of people accumulating things that make it seem more out of hand. I'm definitely a believer in "less is more."
Anon~ we've gotten into the habit of sending all of our, toys, household items, even food at times to Agape Ministries (in St. Marys)