Tuesday, February 9, 2010

snow days

School was cancelled for the day, as more snow moved in...expecting 6-10 inches total by tomorrow morning. It came as no surprise when my sister-in-law (who works for the school) stopped by to say it's already been cancelled for tomorrow as well.

We've kept fairly busy so far today playing outside in the snow of course, sipping hot cocoa, painting with watercolors, and even building race tracks...oh and of course boys with their powertools and girls with babydolls. I expect playdough will come out yet this evening, and by tomorrow we'll have hopefully built a Little People-Lego village that will later fall under attack of plastic army men and cowboys & Indians. The kids are asking about a "party" tonight...or at least a campout with sleeping bags in the basement...we'll see.

Never a dull moment, that's for sure. Just makes me grateful for family, warm food, shelter, power...all that good stuff. It's good snuggle weather, the three youngest are napping, and I think I have a little guy on a warm couch calling my name. Might just have to put my feet up, at least for a few minutes.

Warm blessings to you all.


Anonymous said...

WHAT---we were all waiting by the phone but NOOOOO we didn't hear until 9pm that school was cancelled for tomorrow, although I expected it!
I need a sister to work at the schools!

Jackie said...

I agree, I wouldn't have put the kids to bed quite so soon if I had known earlier!