Monday, February 15, 2010

snow prayers.

Okay, so I do still LOVE the snow. I get all giddy and anxious as it falls...and could just park myself over the back of the couch and stare out our front picture window with the rest of the little ones to watch it fall in wonder and amazement. I LOVE IT!
That being said, I'm ready for it to ease up (just a bit) so that our dear little ones may return to school. They've been home since what? last Monday? I can't even count back anymore. The first several days were filled with fun, adventure, silly games and snow play. Now though, things just seem a bit louder, with more disagreeing over stolen toys and siblings "annoying" each other, more running in circles, and did I mention things seem LOUDER?! Yep, as much as I love these kiddos and their snow days at home, it seems as though everyone is ready to move beyond the holding pattern and back into some sense of structure and routine.

My craft supplies are diminishing, as are the snacks in my cupboard, and the patience God has graced me with. The girls are begging to move bedroom furniture tomorrow (and the only advantage in that is that I'll get to vaccuum in places that don't see daylight often.) Please Lord, let there be school.

Just got the call we're in for another 2 hour delay tomorrow. (sigh) Pray with me.

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Beth said...

Oh, Jamie...I'm right there with you! Even my kids are getting upset that school keeps getting cancelled! You know it's bad when they WANT to go back to school! We have a 2-hr. delay tomorrow, which is nice, as long as they get to go to school after that! I know how loud it's been around here with just 4 kiddos...can't imagine the volume in your house of 10 sweeties!!! ;) Hang in there...anyone want to meet for a DRINK after all is said and done?!?!?! ;)