Sunday, July 13, 2008

providence revisited

I have always believed in Divine Providence. It only makes sense that our loving God who has known us and loved us before our birth, would have some plan or direction or intention for our lives. It wasn't until recently though that I've really come to understand that it's more than just a plan or map laid out for us. Part of providence is the care and love He shows for us along the way. His love and concern is evident in the tools He provides for us, the blessings and graces shared to help us along this path. He wants us to get to Him! Sure we manage to forge our own path along the way, and He accomodates for our choices and gives us even more opportunities to find Him again. A prime example is the way he "provides" for us, even when we can't imagine how. A budget? on one income? with 10 kids? are you kidding?! He may not drop a load of cash on our doorstep (as nice as that might be). But I am confident He does take care!
Just this week, I noticed the dresser in the boys room was on it's last leg. It was cheap (by every meaning of the word) and beyond repair. I figured after vacation dust settled, we'd look around for a good used one, but not worry about it for now. Instead, my brother called today, and said he was parting with a small dresser, and wondered if we wanted it. Of course we did. It's in perfect condition. I hung up the phone and gave a quiet "thank you" to our God who knows our needs, and takes care.

God's Blessings to you on this beautiful Sunday!


Barb said...

God is awesome...
Hope you have a great vacation...God bless!!

uncle jim said...

things happen like that all around us if we look and listen ... don't they?