Saturday, July 12, 2008

my cleaning tip for the day...

Change your sweeper bag, my friends!!!

I was a tad alarmed this morning when Emma hollered from the tv room..."Mom the sweeper's busted...I can't push it at all!"
She was in the middle of one of her cleaning frenzies (I love when they get like this!) Picking up, vacuuming anything that gets in their path, volunteering for more's rare, but it happens. Anyhow, I thought maybe in her haste she might have sucked up one of the little guys, so I hurried in. Yep, she was right, it was pushing tough. But the suction was awesome. Then it dawned on me...the other day after sweeping up 2 whole boxes of cereal that Frank had mistaken for "Party-in-a-box," I changed the sweeper bag. This baby wasn't was working!!! I took great pleasure in finishing up for her...not having to bend over once to move a stubborn piece of lint...we got it first pass.
Emma moved on to her bedroom, throwing out a garbage bag full of paper trash from her desk, even cleaning under the bed, and hanging up a pile of clothes I had just taken off hangers to put into storage. But that's okay, I'll pull it out and box it next time I'm in her closet.
Sam caught the bug too and refolded all the clothes in his drawers and even dusted his bedroom.
Ahh, it was a productive Saturday: Cleaning Day.
Now if only I could get myself motivated to start that packing. 2 days left...maybe right after the next load of laundry.

sweeper bag good friends, sweeper bag.


uncle jim said...

send them over here - i'm at the front end of a remodeling [do-it-yourself style] of our tv / laundry room. tearing out a closet, pulling up the carpet, building in a entertainment equipment center, putting up drywall on all four walls, installing a suspended ceiling, painting new colors, etc. - you get the picture ... and i'm making a mess. my wife will be glad when i'm done and there is a little normalcy again.

oh, and have a great vacation.

jamie said... long would you like them?! (its a package deal!) haha!

and they don't eat much at all!!!haaaaaaaaaa!!!

good luck with that redo. sounds like big work, but will be nice in the end! hang in there.