Friday, July 11, 2008

dog days of summer

I'm going to venture a guess as to why they're the "dog days" of summer...cause at this house we are dog-tired by the end of each day. Yesterday was a prime example. The kids and I headed out to join some other members of our local moms group for a playgroup/picnic at the park for lunch. It was a beautiful hot/sunny day, so a blanket under the shade tree felt nice to watch the older kids play. Alice managed to corral a small tree frog, and I was quite happy when she finally released it back to it's home. All the kids were interested in it though, and it was cute to watch little Rosie giggle as it would hop and jump around her.
It was a perfect pool day, but unfortunately the three oldest had strict orders from their ball coaches "no pool today" in light of the evening tournament play. So, after the park, the 4 youngest took naps while the older ones had "quiet time" reading books and watching a short movie. I always look forward to quiet times! I managed to get a couple more loads of laundry folded and put away before John got home from work, and then it was hot dogs and brats on the grill with a cold pasta salad. Yumm. I love summer foods.
Off to the ball diamonds for our last evening of games for the summer. What fun games to watch too...the girls had a real nail-biter, losing 19-18 in extra innings. Sam's team won their first game in extra innings as well, and so it was a double header for him...winning and becoming Rookie League Champs. They all played so well, and enjoyed themselves immensely!
Of course no summer day is complete without a sprinkling of popsicles, a few stubbed toes and band-aids, bike-rides around the block and checking in with the neighborkids.
A quick feet-washin' in the tub and everyone sleeps well on these dog-days of summer!

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