Thursday, July 3, 2008

parents say the darndest things...

It's raining here today. At our house that can only mean one thing...the scissors are coming out to play. It's true. Something about stormy weather inspires creativity. The empty diaper boxes find there way out of closets only to be transformed into boats, trains, planes, computers, robots, and on and on. Today's no different. As the older kids huddle around the kitchen table planning, cutting, takes only a minute for toddler hands to grab a scissors and what else..take off running. Of course I holler "Don't run with the scissors! You'll take an eye out!" Which of course makes them bolt faster down the hallway.
When the scissors are retrieved I stop to many kids have ever "taken an eye out?"
And so began my mind spinning into all the words of wisdom my parents shared with me so that I might pass them on to my own little ones.
when crying: "I'll give you something to cry about!"
when goofing at dinner: "Shut your mouth and eat!" (try's tricky)
when wrestling with sibs: "It's all fun and games, till somebody gets an eye out!" (I'm noticing a pattern with the eye thing)

Anyhow, I've caught myself saying some doozies, and I'll bet my kids will pass them on some day too. Like it or not.

I guess I better run before some unsuspecting crafter takes an eye out.
Enjoy the day.

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