Friday, July 11, 2008

Hi Mom!

Just heard from my mom tonight from across the globe in Australia. Gone walk-about down under? No, she's there with a group of 85 others (chaperones and youth)from her home parish attending World Youth Day. Sounds like she's staying quite busy and enjoying the trip very much. We're praying for her to have a wonderful faith-filled experience, and a safe return. God Bless!


only one said...

We're also praying for Alicia, also on the same World Youth Day trip.
I look forward to reading this site everyday. I always check it before I go to work every morning so I can share family events, and at least once when I get home.
It's the perfect reminder that there isn't anything more important than praying to our great Lord and the love of family. See you in North Carolina.

jamie said...

yes, praying for her here also! I didn't mean to exclude her from the post, just that mom called here from AU yesterday, and mentioned that she and her host family were reading it when they get the chance. Had to drop them a hello. Thanks for checking in!
(even though, I'm still not 100% who you are)

jamie said...

okay, never mind...think I know now...K#1 ?