Friday, July 11, 2008

Pre-Vacation blues...

3 days remain before our much anticipated summer vacation, and the thought of packing looms over me like a dark storm cloud. 12 of us in an RV for a week, plus throw in dress clothes for a wedding as well. Yikes, what are we thinking?!
I have lists like it's nobody's business...including lists for camping gear, food, clothing, kids toys/entertainment, groceries, just to name a few. Have I done anything with these lists yet? No. I keep waiting to finish laundry, which should be right before we're ready to go. So hopefully, it will just all fall right into place. Oh, and did I mention we're renting this RV, so I don't really even know how anything is going to fit. Yet another reason for my procrastination.
The silver lining here is that we couldn't be any more excited in this house. You can just feel the anxious energy as everyone awaits the moment Dad comes pulling in the drive with that 30 ft. fun-mobile! I feel like a kid again, and just know we'll be talking about this one for years.
Will keep you posted!


uncle jim said...

deeeeeelightful read

thanks to fr kyle for steering me here

may i return ... often?

jamie said...

thanks. Yes, feel free to check in anytime. I'm still very green though, a learning process.
Hadn't ever even heard of a blog before 2 weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

I hope you find time to blog during your vacation--we would love to hear how things are going with 10 kids, 2 adults, and 1 RV!!

. . .PRICELESS I'm sure!!

jamie said...

I'd love to, and have had offers to borrow a laptop, but not comfortable borrowing such Big-ticket items. Especially when I probably won't know how to use it.
We'll see what happens.