Friday, July 25, 2008

it's all good.

Our trip to the zoo was enjoyed by all, no doubt. We seemed to scurry from one exhibit to the next doing constant headcounts until we covered it all. The last stop was the Capuchin monkeys (everyone's favorite, I think). Time seemed to stand still for a moment as John and I sat back on a park bench holding hands as all 10 kids lined up by the fence in front of us entertained by the little creatures. It was beautiful and humbling to see all these 10 blessings spread out before us. For that moment all was right with the world.


Barb said...

Your trip to the zoo reminds me of a story I read on someone else's blog recently.
A mother went on a trip to the zoo with her four year old son's preschool. While they were there, he disappeared. She was frantic, of course. After calling the police and searching all over, they finally found him.
However, she couldn't get him to tell her what happened to him during the time he was missing, so she decided to take him home. She stopped at McDonald's on the way, hoping she could get him to talk to her. He didn't want to leave him backpack in the car and kept clutching it. Wondering what the problem with his backpack was, she opened it up and out jumped a penguin! He had somehow climbed into the penguin exhibit, caught one, and put it into his backpack. She called the zoo, who told her to stay right where she was and they came and collected their penguin.
I laughed about it the rest of the day..
I'm glad you had a good day there..and no kidnapped penguins!
God bless!!

jamie said...

ahh!! too funny!! I think we left the zoo just the way we found it...although the kids really wanted to find a peacock feather, and one of the oldest was willing to pluck one if she had to. thankfully we caught her as she was chasing him down.