Monday, July 27, 2009

off to the county fair

Okay, let me start by singing..."The fair is a veritable smorgasbord, orgasbord!"
Better yet, I'll just let you see it again for yourself...

Alice and Emma joined 4H this year, and are both bringing projects to the county fair for judging. Emma chose a project called "Ohio Birds" which required her to build a couple simple feeders and watch to identify 20 or so different birds. It was fun and fairly simple. It also led her to build a nice wood feeder with her Dad's help, which she later donated to the Retirement Community where I work. I think the residents there will really enjoy it. She had judging last week, and scored an "A" on her project. We'll find out later how she placed among the others.
Alice chose a cooking project which has had us busy in the kitchen trying all kinds of recipes. One last late night in the kitchen tonight, and we're off for judging tomorrow. I've complained with her a bit about how much I've spent on groceries for all her unusual recipes, but in all it's been a wonderful experience as she's gotten quite good at reading recipes, following directions, and feeling her way around the kitchen...even learning about cleanup. (Yeah me!) She'll be fixing a breakfast egg/sausage casserole tomorrow morning. I've made it hundreds of times myself. It's super simple, no-fail (I hope) and should be a good first-year recipe for her to try. I'm excited for her, for them both...and perhaps even more excited for when the work is done and we can visit the fair next week, check out the various booths and exhibits...and of course enjoy all the good food!! (What can I say, I'm a rat at heart apparently.)


Beth said...

You are funny! Don't you just love Charlotte's Web? We are currently in fair week in Shelby county, so I know exactly how you feel. My girls just take photography so we have everything done before the fair actually starts (thank goodness). The money it costs to do some of these projects does add up, especially when you have more than one child in 4-H, but when you compare it to how much they learn in the process, it is pretty much worth it, isn't it? And I'll bet you're getting some pretty yummy food out of the deal (and maybe a helper at mealtime, which we all could use)! I might have to sign my girls up for some cooking projects next year!!! Hope they're both having fun with it! Enjoy a funnel cake for me!

Kathryn said...

Oh I LOVE Charlottes Web and the trip to the fair is the bomb!
GOod luck to your girls, I've always wanted to enter something in the fair!!

Anonymous said...

Jamie ~

You were just leaving when we pulled up today. How did everything go? I hope she had a tremendously wonderful experience; the first of many!

Pam Kaiser