Tuesday, July 28, 2009

a little stir crazy...

~picnic dinner at the lake (grapes, string cheese, cookies, pretzels, and peanut butter sandwiches)
~playing in the sand (rakes, shovels, buckets, squirt guns)
~swimming at the beach (can you say sand in the britches?!)
~10 kiddos taking their turns in the bathtub, scrubbing sand from all the nooks and crannies (just a little water and sand to clean up from the floor when they're all done)
~followed by some warm buttery popcorn, and what else but a good Christmas movie.

Yep, should be good sleepin' tonight!


Barb said...

Sounds like fun!! Which Christmas movie?

jamie said...

One of the kids favorites..."A Christmas Story"...about the little boy wanting a red-rider b.b. gun. Too cute.

Beth said...

Love that movie...we watch it every year at my parents house on Christmas Day. Makes us laugh EVERY TIME!

My girlfriends LOVE the stir-crazy...I have yet to purchase one. Does the popcorn really taste a lot better???

jamie said...

It is darn good...I love the taste of real melted butter and a hint of salt!! (although more often than not, we just pop in a bag of microwave popcorn...no special cleanup of dishes.

I actually like to use it for when I make homemade caramel corn in the fall...pop up bunches at a time. Yummm...is it fall yet?!

Beth said...

That does sound so good. I do love me some caramel popcorn! I might just have to see about buying one of those...my kids think the air popper I inherited from my Grandma is the best thing ever...wait until they get a load of the stir crazy!

St. Nick likes to bring the jiffy pop (you know...the one you shuffle back and forth on the stove and it pops up real big? The one I always wanted to try as a kid but Mom never went for it?) They think it's so much fun...gotta be careful not to burn it, though. Nothing worse than the smell of burnt popcorn!!!

jamie said...

Jiffy Pop!!!
Oh my, gonna have to mention that to St. Nick for our house. I love that idea.
We never got that as a kids either, only had it once with our "rich" cousins (giggling about that notion now).
Anyhow, I bought it last fall and made it on the side burner of our grill for the neighbor kids...LOVED IT!!! (they'll probably grow up thinking they had "rich" neighbors! HA!)

Beth said...

I KNOW...funny, right? I remember seeing that commercial on TV and begging Mom to buy it! It's only $1.00 now...imagine how cheap it was then! I didn't even know they still made it until I saw it at Target!

Also, I thought the same thing...that only "rich" people could buy it! Now I know how much it really costs, I can't believe Mom didn't buy it at least once!!!