Tuesday, July 21, 2009

like second nature...

I wanted so badly just to fall into bed last night. I believe it's true, that old saying "Nobody needs a vacation more than the person who just returned from one." Oi. I was exhausted.
But just like I'd never been gone, I fell into my old routine of switching the laundry around from washer to dryer, setting up the coffee pot for morning, checking on the kiddos, and so on. Nope. Not much has changed at first glance...except my "check engine soon" light has just gone off, as I'm refueled and reenergized from a wonderful weekend of R&R with my longtime BFF.
Good thing...I'm gonna need it. The three I had with me are now all suffering from fevers and ear pain (swimmer's ear) and 4 of the little ones who stayed home with dear hubby have had high fevers and sore throats (Strep throat) all weekend. I took the worst from each of the two groups to our family physician today and 2 co-pays, and 7 prescriptions later ...I'm hoping we're on the mend. Lots of extra attention needed by little ones who "hurt too bad" to swallow.
That lounge chair by the pool seems more than just miles away now...more like a dream. If it weren't for the itchy, healing sunburn on my backside, I'd wonder if it really ever happened.


blessed to be a Mom said...

Don't know how you do it! Good luck and good health.

Barb said...

Beth had strep several weeks ago and I've had bronchitis. At least her strep was better after just one day on meds...my bronchitis just goes on and on...though getting better everyday.
Hope everyone is well again soon!!