Tuesday, July 7, 2009

bike parade

Where was a camera when I needed it most?! (or better yet, some bystander to take the darn picture!)

The kids and I headed out this evening for our weekly (or more often) visit to the library. Backpacks loaded with books, it just seemed too nice to hop into the van. Instead we biked it. The nine oldest kids had their own bikes (Frank and Rosie with training wheels of course) and Lucy rode in the carrier on my bike. Ten, yes 10 bikes parading down the sidewalk for the 4 or 5 block trek to the library. The older kids were quite speedy, and waited patiently at each stop sign for the younger ones to catch up. Walking may have been faster, I'm not sure. But I giggled out loud a couple times at how we looked filing down the street. Too darn cute!

Emma led on her light purple bike, then Alice on dark purple, Sam on his yellow mountain-type bike, Grace on her fuschia bike, Mary on pink, John on blue, Charlie's blue with green wheels, Frank on his red and black racer, Rosie with pale pink and powder blue, and last Lucy and I sporting an electric blue number....wheels, wheels and more wheels!

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes I feel like a parade with just five bikes rolling along together...I can totally picture your ten! Just love those trips to the library!