Monday, July 13, 2009

I love you more than...

Charlie caught me carrying a package of fresh-baked brownies down to the freezer tonight. His eyes lit up as if I were going to offer him one. "Mmmm. Mom I love brownies." I stopped for a minute to show him the package. It's one of several baked yummies I've been putting in the freezer for this coming weekend, when the oldest 3 and I take off for a quick trip down south. I'm still feeling a bit guilty that we're not all taking a family trip together, so I'm trying to stock the freezer with homemade surprises for when I'm gone.
I went on to tell Charlie that the brownies were for the weekend...and that while I'm gone, he can ask Dad to get them out, and share them, and remember "how much mom loves you." These brownies can be a little hug from mom while I'm gone. He smiled wide. "Thanks mom! I sure love brownies."
"You're welcome Charlie...I love YOU even more."

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