Wednesday, July 29, 2009

blue ribbon af-fair

Okay, this is completely bragging...but I'm the mom, so what the heck.

Alice and Emma both participated in judging at our county fair for their respective projects (Alice-cooking, and Emma-Ohio Birds) and both did very well. As first year 4-h-ers' we really had no idea what to expect as far as the judging process goes. When we arrived to see kids dressed up to match their projects (i.e. a young boy dressed as a cowboy to demonstrate his knot-tying abilities, or a girl all decked in red, white and blue to go along with her Fourth of July themed dessert) the girls got a little nervous. I was nervous for them too. But I know how much time they'd both put into their projects and that they knew their material, so they'd be fine. And they were. Both girls were graded an "A" by the judges and recieved a blue ribbon for participating. I was thrilled for them. They looked surprisingly calm as they each spent time interviewing with a judge, answering questions about all they'd learned and accomplished. I was so darn proud of them. You can imagine my reaction then when I got a phone call today from our County Extension person, that Emma took first prize in her Conservation division, and will be taking her project to the Ohio State Fair.

That's right, her humble little homemade bird feeders and information about the birds she observed landed her First Prize. We're planning a trip to Columbus next Friday so she can participate in judging there, and see what comes of that. She called her Grandpa (John's dad) right away. John and most of his 11 siblings were active in 4h growing up and she thought Grandpa Schmiesing would be tickled for her...and he was. Oh, I tell you...I'm just so darn proud of them both...maturing right before my very eyes. (sigh.)

Alice talking with the judge about her "Mini Meals Magic" project...

...and at home with her Breakfast (sausage, egg, cheese) casserole just out of the oven. Let's roll!

Emma with the director of activities at Otterbein St. Mary's where she donated her homemade feeder (built with John's help) for the residents of the Memory Support unit to enjoy.

...and displaying her 2 homemade feeders and poster she presented for judging at the fair.


Kathryn said...

Brag away, those are prizes to be very proud of!!! I LOVE the fair!

Jenny said...

Way to go Girls...and mom for all of your support. Those are memories that will last a looonnngggg time!

Beth said... fun! I'm like you...I get all choked up every time my kids make me proud (which is often)! Congrats to both girls and have a wonderful time at the State Fair!

Allison said...

I know how you feel!! Lacey's first year in 4h, last year, had her getting 4 4th place ribbons with her horse. Being the youngest in her age group I was beaming!! So much fun to watch them be so proud too!!

blessed to be a Mom said...

Awesome accomplishments! 4h was so fun for me. Hope it is as enjoyable for your crew.

Pam Kaiser said...

Jamie ~

That is so awesome!!! It sounds like the girls had a great experience with 4-H this year.

Four-H has done so much for me over the course of my lifetime -- it's fun to see my children be rewarded in the same ways. I wish for you the same experience!


Pam Kaiser said...

Jamie ~

I was just trying to figure out if there were discount tickets for tomorrow at the state fair, when I ran across this. Looks like if you buy a lottery ticket and win, you win....but if you lose, you win, too :)

Friday, August 7
Ohio Lottery Day
In honor of The Ohio Lottery's 35th Anniversary, each person who shows a non-winning Ohio Lottery ticket at a booth outside entrance gates will receive a $3.50 admission coupon.

from here:

Good luck on Friday :)