Thursday, March 29, 2012


Little Anne had a rough patch these last few days. Low grade fever, restless nights, a bit of a cough...fussy, clingy, needing mom-time. I'm so grateful to be the one she needs...I really am. It's tough and frustrating, depending on more coffee and more prayers to get through a day, but it's incredibly humbling to be THE ONE, the only one who can soothe whimpers and dry teary eyes and snuggle just right.

Until big sister Alice comes home, and suddenly...there's one more who can fill that bill. And it's an incredible relief to share that burden/blessing, and a little bittersweet too. Suddenly there's another little mama in the house. Big sister...better snuggler...momentary respite for mom. Just enough time to put supper on for the table for the other babes, and Daddy who works hard to provide.

Ahhh. God is good. I am constantly in awe, just amazed at how quickly time flies, and how they grow up in just the blink of an eye.

God bless Alice, my oldest and Anne my wee littlest (11 years between them)...and the special bond they share.


Amy said...

Love this, we have the same bond between our oldest and youngest (9 years between them). Hope little Anne feels better soon!

jamie said...

thanks Amy...already better. Fortunately just a short-lived little bug.

Anonymous said...

sounds like me and you

jamie said...

oh man...anonymous...I'm dying/racking my brain trying to figure out who wrote the "sounds like me and you" Feeling shamefully guilty for not recognizing with whom I shared such a sisterly bond.
Darnit. Forgive me, and tell me who you are!

Anonymous said...

come on jamie i expect more. it's like a colmb with no teeth