Monday, March 5, 2012

movin' on.

Sometimes I don't even realize how all-full-of-myself I get.
God knows. And he lets me off fairly easy.

Recently I was struggling with a matter of forgiveness. I prayed about it for many months, talked with my husband about how to handle things...did all the right stuff to try to forgive someone their business. I wanted to be able to love this person in spite of/in light of their wrong forgive them, and still remain friends. Even though their wrong choices had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with me. I just knew the wrongness was there in the past, and I wanted to be "bigger" than all that. More "Christ-like."

This is where God laughed, (and proceeded to thump me over my thick skull with the flashlight I was holding up for everyone to believe it was really a Christ-light.)

You see God sat me down, and said this...

Thus says the LORD:
Remember not the events of the past,
the things of long ago consider not;
see, I am doing something new!

You see, what our merciful Lord helped me to realize, was that I just needed to get over myself. That in fact, His love won. His forgiveness was given. He showed me that while I was so busy focusing on things of the past, I failed to recognize how incredibly hard this person had worked to move beyond it. She had made right with Him, and came out beautifully and rightfully cleansed in His love. And while I was thinking I needed to extend my forgive...I totally missed the fact that she was there, hand extended pulling me out of my "hole" of sinful pride. God placed her in my life because I needed her help, not necessarily the other way around. Get over yourself already Jamie Catherine. Learn from the love and strength and courage of others...and know that we are all sinful. Find peace in the knowledge that through his suffering and death, I am forgiven too.
We are indeed in this together...we are the body of Christ. We are His hands, pulling each other out, raising each other up.
Thank you Lord for your gift of forgiveness, and for allowing me to see through your eyes...that we are all beautifully, perfectly made in your likeness.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog! I love how you put life matters in perspective. I need reminders such as yours. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! I love how you put life matters in perspective. I need reminders such as yours. Thanks.

Amber said...

Wow, are you talking to me? Haha! Seems like this post was just for me, and possibly about me. If it was, thank you for your confidence in me, and your forgiveness. If it wasn't, then I am not the only one who has made mistakes!

Anonymous said...

A beautiful post.

My life is currently far from ideal due to the actions of someone close to me. I see the struggles my loved one has endured.

Life experiences brought him to a very sad place. And it seems the struggles on the path AWAY from the sad place are equally difficult.

I see others, who are supposed to be friends, turn away and that hardens my heart against them because I WANT them to see what I see.

This post makes me realize that I need to pray not only for my loved one, who is trying so hard to remain pure. But also for those in his life that seem to struggle with forgiveness.

It is truly a joy and pleasure to move beyond our personal thoughts and to forgive and love as Christ wishes for us. I thought I had done this but it seems I have more work to do. Thank you for this timely reminder.

Janet said...

I learned about 10 years ago to "forgive" but not necessarily "forget".

After my Mom's passing, 5 years ago, her sister had a very hurtful conversation with me 3 days after the burial. I just said nothing. (I guess I was kinda dumbfounded at the same time.) She chased me for 3 years after those hurtful words were said (I truly believe she knew she was wrong ... as she "preached" - not necessarily "practiced" religion to everyone). I just said nothing ... I felt it was better not to bring it up as I knew it would just upset me even more than it did when the conversation occurred.

I just decided it was for her to explain her actions to GOD when she met him, she didn't need to explain anything to me.

Your post just made me think about that situation. Thanks for the little reminder Jamie.

GOD should be the only one to JUDGE!

Pam Kaiser said...

And this post is why I love you so much. Keep on keepin' on Jamie Catherine! :)

Anonymous said...

I always Love what you write.