Wednesday, March 7, 2012

to recap

All little girls have freshly painted nails...fingers and toes. And thanks to the amazing weather, and some serious outdoor play, are already in need of new mani's and pedi's tomorrow.

I managed to get all 9 beds completely stripped and washed, and hung out on the lines. The breeze (gusts rather) dried them in no time flat. Gave the old clothes lines here a real breaking in...that is to say we broke 2 lines thanks to the heavy damp comforters hanging on for dear life.

I am seriously considering sewing name labels on my sheets for another day like today...nearly had to chase them into the neighbors yard a handful of times.

Oh, they smell so wonderful and fresh as all the kids trekked up to bed tonight. Nothing better than a whole room filled with the smell of fresh-air/clean sheets...makes the fact that I'm a day behind on my usual laundry a little less frustrating...and certainly worth it.

With school out today, we had friends coming and going. Bike rides, walks to the park, scootering and roller-blading galore. A handful of the kids and friends tried their hands at making home-made slushies (like making homemade icecream with ice and rock-salt.) It worked pretty slick, and they had fun tossing the ziploc bag concoctions back and forth in the yard to keep them shaking/freezing.

Workers were here installing flooring in our new bathroom which means, we are nearing the end of this reno project. Tomorrow we expect cabinets/sink to be set, doors and trim to go up, and by next week, we should be complete. DONE. I can't believe it!

I was ready to fall into my fresh sheets early tonight, till young John reminded me it's his turn for school snacks tomorrow. Darnit, I need to check the calendar more frequently. So here I sit, typing as I wait for the next sheet of cookies to come out of the oven. I look across the kitchen island at dear husband, keeping me company as he attempts to read the day's paper (head bobbing, and eyes closed).

Ahhh. Life is wonderfully full, and good, and exhausting for us all here.

Prayers to the angels...that they just may have to help me finish my prayers, afraid I'll be fast asleep before I'm thru...

g'night all.


Anonymous said...

Mya seemed to think your clothsline issues were quite funny! I told her next time to help, not giggle! :)


Janet said...

Jamie, I think you missed a bed ... the one at my house (LOL).

Also, in regards to not finishing your prayers before you fall asleep, Ruth (Mom) always told me if I fell asleep before I finished praying my rosary ... the "Angels Finish it For You". So your prayers are taken care of.

jamie said...

Janet-My mom remembers your mom saying that...we say the same thing now..."the angels will finish it for you." I count on them many an exhausted night.