Monday, March 19, 2012

last of the season.

I joked with the kids Saturday evening that I hoped they were enjoying the warm evening, and campfire in the backyard, and running-in-the-dark would be there "last of the season."

"Huh?" They all looked at me like I was nuttier than usual. Baffled.

"True." I said. "Last campfire of the winter season." They all sighed in relief and kept on running and carrying on.

Seriously! Can you believe it's still winter?! At least through today. And they're calling for temperatures in the 80's here for the first day of spring. Seriously?!

Oh, what an amazing treat in the middle of blooming, trees budding, playing and picnicing outdoors...wearing shorts. Just wonderful!

We really did make the most of the weekend warm weather...
On Friday evening, I had the opportunity to speak to a women's group over at Holy Rosary in St. Marys...lovely group of women...all of them! We shared an evening retreat and reflection. Very good for the soul. While I was out, John and the kids visited the Tastee...for the season's first ice cream cones and slushies. Everyone happy.
Saturday was a day spent working outdoors doing odd jobs around the yard/house, and kids playing. We capped off the day with a campfire in the back yard...of course we had 'smores! And the kids played tag, and German Spotlight, and all sorts of running/hiding/noisey games in the dark. FUN!
Sunday Mass, a nice lunch and then the kids and I took off for the St. Patty's parade in St. Henry. We brought home green beads, and tons of candy, and t-shirts, and cups...and kazoos! Yes, kazoos...lots of them!
What could be better?! (Funny you should ask...)
Our renovation of the apartment is complete! WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!
Contractors are gone. Painting, and trimwork, and carpeting are complete. The rooms are furnished...all except for blinds and curtains...which should be in place by the end of the week.

Ahhhh....we are all indeed feeling very blessed to have this new, incredible family so that we can all be together, without being on top of each other. Truly amazing. Truly we are blessed.

Pictures to come in the next post...

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Anonymous said...

Maybe a surprise OREO visit is due so I can check out your new space! :)