Saturday, March 17, 2012

bating the trap

The kids were on a mission to capture some leprechauns last night. With a box, and sticks, and all sorts of sparkly things to intrigue the sneaky petes. It was fun to watch them work together to build such an elaborate trap. Where do they think of this stuff?!

Actually, I think their teachers may have put them up to it...talking about all the pranks Leprechauns like to play. So our kids were out to capture a few before they pranked us!

Turns out the last laugh was still on they seemed to party in the box all night long...leaving behind sparkly green beads, and party hats, and tiaras, and "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" pins. And they did manage a few pranks even...turning kitchen chairs upside down, and leaving the family room in disarray. Drats! They got away.

(and fortunately for me, no one was any the wiser that these are the exact same party things those darn leprechauns left behind last year. Hee. Hee.)

St. Patrick pray for us!

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Pam Kaiser said...

And this, my friend Jamie, is why I love you so....... well done! :)