Friday, March 23, 2012

pray & listen.

"My sheep hear my voice...I give them eternal life, and they will never parish."
~John 10:27-28

I was talking with my second grade class the other day as we were preparing for our special liturgy. Each of the kids had special jobs...readings, general intercessions, responsorial psalms, bringing up offertory, etc. There are 17 kids in my class, and making sure each person had a part was critical, and challenging to say the least. I had planned to have 2 of the kids carry in a banner during the procession, but ran short on time and ideas for what it should say and how we would make it. Anyways...long story short...I was telling the kids how I prayed about it, and "God told me to use a poster we'd created earlier in the year instead." (very cool puzzle-piece poster that shows how we're all connected/one in the Eucharist).
One little girl seemed amazed and spoke out, "God talked to you?! He never talks to me!"
It was a great little opportunity to share how God talks with each of us, we just have to practice listening.
That's how conversation works...we talk, and then we take a break to listen. All the kids promised to try it sometime. (lol.)

Anyhow. Today's reflection verse made me think of that conversation again. Sometimes I need to practice better listening too. Cause God is reminding me that I (and you, all of us) can hear his voice. He wants good things for us, and can help us to make right decisions in our life...decisions and choices that will lead us toward that promise of eternal life. We just have to breathe, take a break from doing all the talking, and listen.


j,j,andhsmom said...

Thank you so much for sharing. Your post could not have come at a better time!

Anonymous said...

Love the reflections! You are so good at interpreting them! Thank you!