Wednesday, March 7, 2012

waiver day.

I have no clue what exactly "waiver day" is. Our school seems to be the only one around with a day off. Like all good things though, I won't question...I'll just enjoy.

My kitchen smells like oatmeal and brown sugar, mixed with nail polish and remover. There's some serious make-over business happening. (I should get in line.)

Boys are busy with cardboard boxes in the family room thanks to a delivery of light fixtures.

First set of sheets on the line, and they haven't blown across the neighborhood...yet.

It looks to be shaping into a beautiful day.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that someone is having a better day than me! UGH!!

Anonymous said...

A waiver day is a day that counts as student instruction, but the teachers use it as a day for staff development and training. Schools can apply for up to 3 days per school year and must provide the state with a plan of how the day is going to get used.

jamie said...

Aha! THanks anonymous...spoken like a true teacher (or other school employee.)
Thank the Lord we as parents don't have to provide any sort of plan as to how we're using our time...I'd be in a real heap! HA!