Monday, November 23, 2009

Whew, I made the cut.

Isn't it nice to be on someone's list. Well, depends on the list, I guess. Charlie brought home his little Gratitude Turkey from religion class this Sunday, and I'm happy to report I (well, WE, as in the whole family) made his top 4 list of things he's grateful for...right up there between Star Wars things, Indians with Mohawks, and his cousin/religion teacher Averie.

Oh yah. Bring on the pie.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and those on your "list."


Stacy said...

I teach 1st grade religion and did a similar "Thankful Turkey" with my students this last week. It was very interesting and cute to see what some of the children were thankful for.

♥ Joanna said...

That is so sweet!
I meant to try to tune in during your broadcast, but I became sidetracked. How did it go?

Stefanie said...

Jamie - Logan still talks about Charlie's turkey and how he was thankful for Indians with mohawks, he cracks up laughing everytime he tells me about it!!