Tuesday, November 24, 2009

what's cookin?

T minus 2 days and counting until the Holiday feasting begins. Have you pulled out all your recipe cards, and started your last minute grocery list? It's been 8 years or so since I've prepared the big Thanksgiving meal for our then tiny family and my parents. I can't remember now why we broke from tradition that year, as typically my mom prefers to cook for the main event. Anyhow. Our Thanksgiving plans are pretty much the same each year, with lunch at my parents' house, and on to dinner with John's family. He's one of twelve, so renting a hall to accomodate everyone has become the norm. My mom still prefers to cook the whole meal...or at least claims to. So, I've offered to bring a pecan pie for lunch. John's side is more of a carry-in, where each sibling is responsible for some part of the meal. This year (feeling a bit guilty) most of the traditional sides were already spoken for, so I'm bringing a vegetable tray, and dinner rolls. (Shamefully simple, I know.) I've already pulled out a couple extra recipes though for things like pumpkin muffins, sugar coated pecans (doesn't that sound yummy to crunch on?!), and I'm hoping to make chocolate truffles for a get-together this weekend. Oh, and since I'm rolling out pie crust, may as well make a pumpkin pie too, right? Yep. Looking forward to tomorrow night this time, when the house is filled with the aroma of baked goods. It has my mouth watering already. Mmmm...can you smell it?
So, what's cookin' at your house?

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Stacy said...

I went yesterday to get last min. things for Thanksgiving and couldn't believe how crazy the stores were!
Tradition at our house is that every year I make a big Thanksgiving dinner (either Wednesday evening or Friday after) for my hubby and kids (this year my parents are coming as well). I go all out and make turkey, mashed potatoes/gravy, corn, noodles, rolls, and pie. It's alot of work, but it's also alot of fun. After our meal is over, we always put up the X-mas tree and put on some Christmas carols. The kids can't wait and have been counting down the days.